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joe el-sabbagh

Since establishing Designcorp Architects in 2004, Joe has developed the architectural fundamentals and strategies that has led Designcorp to an awarding winning firm. His idealistic and innovative approach for space and planning has placed him in the forefront as a visionary for the future of architecture. In 2017, he was appointed as the Chairman of the Greater Western Sydney Architect Network, with the purpose of directing Western Sydney into the future.

Marc (B&W).JPG

marc mourad

Since joining the Designcorp team in 2016, Marc has added extensive value to the office, in his capacity to bring out the best of a project, throughout the design and construction process. Marc’s dynamism and determination across all aspects of the company has seen him grow into an important member of the Designcorp family. His pioneering approach in communication to clients has developed great relationships.

Jeremy (B&W).JPG

jeremy son

Jeremy joined the Designcorp family in 2014 and was appointed as a Project Architect. He has 15 years experience in Architecture gaining international insight into the planning and processes involved in a development. Jeremy has been a valuable to the team, predominating managing large scale developments whilst maintaining a high attention to detail throughout all his projects.

Amber (B&W).jpg

amber huriwai

Amber joined the Designcorp family in 2010 and has gained many years experience across various forms of development. During this time, her innovation and conceptual ability has driven Designcorp into a new era of design. Amber’s coordination skills throughout the design process has developed great relationships with clients allowing for smooth transitions between concept to construction.

Paul Castro (B&W).JPG

paul castro

Paul was introduced into Designcorp in 2016 as an Interior Designer, where he has shown great capabilities in spatial design, through his meticulous eye for detail. His international experience in Columbia, has broaden his perception for interior design, creating great value to the projects he has been involved in. Paul also shows excellent skill in 3D representations and 3D scaled modelling.

Mary (B&W).jpg

mary khoury

Mary is the youngest and newest member since joining the Designcorp team in 2018 after completing a Bachelor in Interior Architecture. During this time, she has gained extensive knowledge across all forms of interior design. Her conceptual approach and awareness of space is apparent in her projects. Mary has been an exceptional addition to the team and we look forward in witnessing the bright future ahead of her.

Andrew (B&W).JPG

andrew murphy

Andrew has become a key member of Designcorp involved in many projects ranging from small additions, homes and multi-dwelling unit developments. Since joining Designcorp in 2011, he has expressed a keen eye for detail and great awareness for spatial planning which is clearly evident in his projects. His natural ability for design and construction has seen Andrew overcome many difficult projects over the years.

Erik (B&W).JPG

erik koivistik

Originally from Estonia before joining Designcorp in 2014, Erik’s creative flair has been inspiring and invigorating on an international scale. His body of work has been substantial, designing unique and distinctive projects that continue to transcend through time. Since joining the team, his international experience has significantly introduced intriguing designs scaling across all forms of development.

Jossie (B&W).jpg

jossie harb

Jossie joined the Designcorp family in 2015 and was appointed as Accounts Manager. She has had extensive experience in London as a financial manager for Financial Services Authorities (FSA) for 8 years. Her bright and flamboyant nature creates an optimistic workplace for Designcorp, but her diligent and attentive work ethic as an intermediary is evident, creating a smooth transition between all parties of a project.